All of our modules are version controlled and managed through composer.

Syspro Customer

Manage the integration of customers between your ERP and customer facing website.

  1. Able to automatically maintain customers in Magento from Syspro;
  2. Able to export customers from Magento to Syspro;
  3. Able to 2-way sync customer address details between Magento & Syspro;
  4. Ability to differentiate between Magento & Syspro customers if required;
  5. Managed via composer;

Syspro Product

Integrate the products within your ERP to your Magento installation.

  1. Automatically synchronise Syspro Products to Magento
  2. Managed via composer;

Syspro Contract Pricing

Maintain your ERP pricing and have your customer facing website apply pricing down to a per-customer level.

  1. Automatically synchronise Syspro pricing data against your Magento Customers
  2. Managed via composer;

Syspro Order

Provide your customers access to their Syspro managed invoicing and order information.

  1. Define Syspro Cash Customers
  2. Apply discounts per order or per item;
  3. Auto-retry order integration in case of ERP downtime;
  4. Managed via composer;

Coming Soon

  1. Display Dispatch Notes on orders for customers within Magento

Syspro Inventory

Utilise the Magento product stock level system to reflect your actual stock levels managed by your ERP.

  1. Configurable warehouse stock counting (count stock from specific or all warehouses)
  2. Able to show incoming stock availability dates on Magento product pages as per Syspro purchase orders
  3. Customer Group Pricing maps Syspro Pricing Codes to Magento Customer Groups
  4. Can be scheduled hourly;
  5. Managed via composer;

Coming Soon

  1. Custom Field Mapping (Syspro to Magento) allowing Syspro maintained product detail data to be mapped to Magento custom fields